This Week in Youth Confirmation

An interesting idea for this Sunday has emerged, and I need to hear from YOU on what we should do about it!

This Sunday at 3pm is a convocation meeting at Grace House on the Mountain in Wise County. It’s about an hour’s drive, but here’s the good that can come out of it:

  • a chance to see church polity on the convocation level
  • Deacon Preston will present on his trip to Haiti
  • Evening Prayer in their beautiful outdoor chapel

I expect it’ll take two hours, and we’ll be home around 6pm. Because Kathy Dunagan and Chris Yoder are already going, I think we’ll have transportation covered. What I need to know from you is if we can do it. Could you email or text John with your preference?

A. Let’s have morning and afternoon class and then go to Convocation at Grace House.

B. Let’s have morning class, then come back and go to convocation House.

C. Let’s have morning and afternoon class, and skip Grace House.

FYI, Grace House located at 14430 Marshalls Retreat Rd, St Paul, VA 24283, and you can read more about their mission here.

Rebecca Catalano cantors Psalm 89

Welcome listeners to the third podcast of the Big Red Doors of Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Bristol, VA. Last week we had the Rev. Roger Bowen of the Haiti Collaborative, and just yesterday we uploaded the Liturgy of the Word from Palm Sunday.

We have a gift from our audio archives for you this week. From Holy Eucharist, Rite II on July 15th, 2015, Rebecca Catalano cantors a portion of Psalm 89 with the Emmanuel Choir. Rebecca Catalano and Ryan Gray are performing here at Emmanuel Friday April 1st at 7pm. They’ll present an enchanting repertoire of memorable songs from Broadway’s golden age and beyond, including classic and contemporary favorites, as well as some Disney magic along the way. Reception to follow. The event is free and donations are accepted.

Palm Sunday: Liturgy of the Word, Chanted Gospel and Sermon

Children, acolytes, and choir gather at the labyrinth to wave our branches around Emmanuel and Bristol!

Children, acolytes, and choir gather at the labyrinth to wave our branches around Emmanuel and Bristol!

Listen to our Palm Sunday service inside the Oped Red Doors of Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Bristol, Va. The podcast begins with our choir chanting Psalm 118 as the Processional Hymn. Then, the liturgy of the word, including a chanted gospel and brief sermon and announcements by Rev. Dr. Joe Dunagan. The chanted gospel begins at 08:41, and the sermon at 19:32.

Hosanna in the Highest!