Update for 2nd Youth Confirmation Meeting

If you’re following our humble blog, God bless you! This post is specifically for our youth candidates for confirmation. All are welcome to read it, of course, but this is specifically for them.

This Sunday we’re reviewing what we know about the Bible. Here’s how you can come prepared.

  1. Read the second baptismal promise (p. 417 in your Book of Common Prayer). Be ready to put the words to it in order! And think of someone who symbolizes that promise for you. Who comes to mind.
  2. Read Chapter 2 in My Faith, My Life.
  3. Check out these great, short videos┬áthat can help answer common questions about Scripture. You’ll enjoy them.
  4. Find your Bible. Dust it off. Familiarize yourself with it. Bring it to class!
  5. Learn a little about the following sixteen major movements in the Bible. Could you sort this list according to when in the Bible they appear? Ask your parents to help. See how much they know! Write them down on index cards if it helps.

The Exodus

Ministry of Jesus

The Covenant with Abraham and Sarah

Baptism of Jesus

Restoration of the Kingdom

Resurrection Appearances

The Time of Judges

The Fall

The Time of Kings


Last Supper

The Passion


The Exile

The Incarnation

The Resurrection


Remember, everyone is welcome at the meeting Sunday at 9:15. Candidates stick around after church for lunch at noon. We’ll end at 1:30. See you there!

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