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Here’s another update for our youth confirmation candidates. All are welcome to read it, but this applies specifically to them!

Confirmation is just three weeks away, May 15th! Once those who do choose to are confirmed, this group will be a little less academic, and more about formation and ministry. Think hard about how we should continue once you are initiated into the life and ministry of the church.

I told the candidates at our last meeting that I’d send them some resources to help ease their anxiety about the spiritual autobiography. That, and several other to-do’s and resources are below. I like lists. Go down the list.

  • Spiritual Autobiography: See the attached .doc Confirmation 2016 for a description of the task, and some questions to help you on your way. Remember, it’s an exercise, not an assignment. It won’t be graded. It will take effort. Three pages is easy if you consider three phases or events in your life, and consider where God may have moved in that place. Candidates agreed they should be due May 8th.
  • Podcast: For those of you that missed the sermon, especially if you missed it because of a card game, you need to listen to it here. It pertains to our last class.
  • Commit yourself to a ministry!: You should be involved in a ministry of church by now. If you haven’t found one, talk to me. We have lots of them. And if we don’t have one you think we ought to have, let’s get it started! (See attached .doc)
  • Poll: Please respond and let me know two things:
    1. How many in your family will be at the bishop’s dinner on May 14th
    2. How many of you will be at the morning and afternoon classes on Mother’s Day, May 8th?
    3. Candidates, Mother’s Day is May 8th!
  • Confirmation Form: Please complete the attached Confirmation Form and return it soon as you can. We need the information to pass on to the bishop and to properly record the sacrament in the church records.

Confirmation 2016

Youth Confirmation Form

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